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Friday, 8 April 2011

Fishing Boats

Fishing is one of my favorite things to do. I do it whenever I can - it's quite relaxing and is actually moderately fun.

Do you guys/girls ever go fishing? I do see girls fishing from time to time, so it's not unheard of.


  1. I've never gone fishing before. Apart from in large ponds with a big net, catching gourami or whatever they're called. They taste yummy.....

  2. I fly-fish because it is both an art-form and a hobby.

  3. I don't get the opportunity to fish very often. If I did I would though. You're lucky.

  4. Not a fan of the whole seasick thing :/
    Everytime I step on a boat, I get that awful feeling in my stomach.

  5. I'm more of a river fisher than the sea. Never been out on the ocean... but now I want to.

    Send up some yellowtail my way, mmmk?

  6. I really enjoy fishing. I always fished when I was younger with my father. What a great experience it was.