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Friday, 18 February 2011

So today is a fairly typical day at work - going to the houses of millionaires and driving around amongst the nicest of cars. Many people strive to live the type of life that these wealthy people live, but I just don't see the appeal.

What's the point of having kids if they're going to be raised by the live-in nanny?

All I need is a fast Internet connection, a nice computer, and my iPhone 4. I need my basic car to drive to work, and some decent clothes that most anybody can afford.

This doesn't take millions of dollars; rather, it's a lifestyle one can live on just a few thousand dollars a month. What does one do with all the extra money? I don't want children, so all my money is spent on me and those less fortunate than me via government social programs.

Why not be happy to have that sort of life? Why must everybody in America strive to be mega-wealthy. Ninety-nine per cent of them will never be rich, so it's best to accept what you've got and live a life that is comfortable.


  1. totally true. i'm in a financial advice class right now (financial peace university) and one of the things they teach is that it's not the amount of money you earn that makes you wealthy, it's how you manage it.

  2. Can not agree with you any more, monetary wealth can only get you so far, familial wealth is where its at.

  3. everyone wants to live the life or the rich and famous but it has its drawbacks ofcourse me myself i would like to be a millionair with out a problem

  4. We're raised up on materialism in the US and most people don't even stop for a second to think about why they strive to have certain things.

    Money doesn't buy happiness

  5. wow that really makes me think.

  6. Honestly, check out my post on the American dream to find out.

  7. The amount of fruitcakes that are born rich because by the sheer chance, they dropped out the right vagina is maddening, you are not teaching these people anything but to basically take and nothing else.

  8. I totally agree. This is pretty much how I'm trying to live my life, breaking free from a lifetime of "socialization" is difficult at times.