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Thursday, 17 February 2011

The way in which people in this car-centric land treat pedestrians is deplorable.

I get honked at just for crossing the street - all because I've taken a few seconds away from time with their families that they probably don't like too much anyway.

I get impatient glares as people wait to make right or left turns - as though what I'm doing equates to sleeping with their wife and educating their children about Scientology.

What I want is for people to embrace pedestrianism here in California. The car is king at the moment, but there's no reason to treat people the way I am treated. I have no obligation to jog awkwardly across the street so that you can get home to a mediocre dinner.

I know the idea of walking to the store is ludicrous among the super-rich SUV drivers here, but I've done nothing for which I should be victimised.

In other words, leave me the fuck alone, you car fanatics. Your shitty meal, your quotidian family, and your anything-but-unique tract home will still be there in 20 seconds. I promise.

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