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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Unions in Wisconsin

As the Democratic state senators of Wisconsin flee the state and thousands protest, are any Republicans getting the idea? Unions have been beaten back across this country for decades now.

What is wrong with workers having power?

Why must the corporations wield all the power?

Why is the government increasingly siding with corporations over ordinary workers?

How can working class people vote conservative when it is this group of lawmakers who wish to take their right to unionize away?

What is so bad about collective bargaining rights? Shouldn't a group of workers get to stand up to the corporate bosses?

People often talk about how much freedom means to them, but then they lay down and let their true freedoms be eroded. Why pontificate about freedom and then not care when it doesn't extend to the workplace? This just doesn't make any sense to me.


  1. You're right, some of this stuff makes no sense...

  2. Wisconsin is gonna turn into Egypt soon >_<

  3. Republicans? Getting an idea? You must be new to politics. The democrat's emblem is a donkey, but the Repub's are as stubborn as mules...

  4. Well if Mubarak can respond to protests, surely people who actually have to stand elections can. I know they are ridiculous, obstinate individuals, but there must be a heart somewhere underneath.

  5. guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. i liked your thoughts. will be coming back soon