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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Chelsea v. Manchester United

Fernando Torres (pictured) is playing for Chelsea against usual title rivals Manchester United - the first time he's met them since his move from Liverpool.

It's 0-1 after nearly half an hour, after Wayne Rooney scored a rather magnificent goal.

Very disappointing from Chelsea, as they could have closed Rooney down.

United haven't won at Stamford Bridge since 2002, so the match is not over yet!

It's now half-time, and Chelsea still trail 0-1 to Rooney's goal. Chelsea's stand out player has been David Luiz, as they were on the back foot for much of the second half of the first period. Hopefully he'll be able to maintain his form in the second half.

And the second half is underway...

It's 1-1 -David Luiz has scored for Chelsea!!! After a brilliant defensive display in the first half, Luiz has scored his first goal for Chelsea in the biggest match of the season. Well done to the lad!

35 minutes to play, with United's da Silva twins warming up on the touchline.

The goal has really galvanized Chelsea. Didier Drogba looks set to come on for the last half-hour.

Less than a quarter of an hour to go, plus stoppage time. David Luiz has clattered Rooney to the ground. I love to see Rooney writing about in agony whilst his boss berates the fourth official. The icing on the cake would be a Chelsea winner in stoppage time. That would be brilliant.

In other news, Berbatov and Giggs are on for United, whilst Drogba and Zhirkov are on for Chelsea.


Lampard to take the penalty...AND HE SCORES!!!!! IT'S 2-1 TO CHELSEA! STAMFORD BRIDGE IS ROCKING!

Zhirkov very nearly scores from a corner kick's deflection. Chelsea's 8th corner of the game flies in from the boot of Lampard...

Two minutes plus stoppage time to go. I'll have no fingernails left by the end of these 4, 5, or 6 minutes. Nervy times.

Looks like there will be 4 minutes of stoppage time, waiting for confirmation from the fourth official.

Cech easily collects the ball as the clock strikes 90 minutes, and the fourth official confirms the four minutes of stoppage time.

Drogba wins a free kick on the edge of United's penalty area.

Nemanja Vidic is sent off for a second yellow! United's captain given his marching orders. He will not be playing at Anfield.

Smalling (the lone centre-back) concedes a corner with 30 seconds to play!

En route to 95 minutes, and Drogba wins a throw.

Chelsea win! It's 2-1 to the Blues! Great come-from-behind victory.

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  1. I've always wanted to get into football

  2. Wayne's goal was awesome!

  3. Hey, F. Torres is from my country xD

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  4. Watching the game as well. Rooting for Chelsea!

  5. im watching it right now 1-1 so far! chealsea is such a physical team they aRe dominating our offense...go devils!!!

  6. Haha, great write up. I feel like watching a game now.

  7. This was acctually a fun read xD

  8. How much is a ticket for such a game btw?

  9. I was watching this. Really exciting!

  10. Fernando Torres used to be amazing, that was before the world cup.

  11. awesome coverage n__n"

  12. Manchester United > Chelsea.

  13. Way to go Rooney. Now stop fucking prostitutes, lol. Actually I'm kinda out of the loop. Did he stop fucking them already? lol. Followed you.

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  14. about the match im just going to say: WAYNE

    about the article, i found myself having a good time while reading it, keep it up!

  15. It was a truly brilliant game. some word class football from both sides.

  16. Soccer is not football! I think...

  17. soccer is football. and american football is hand egg. because you use your hands and an egg. :)

  18. The sport will only be known as FOOTBALL on this blog! 'Soccer' is a mere colloquialism used by some. American football ought to be called American Rugby - allowing proper football to retain its name without dispute.

  19. i watched this, awesome game and happy to see chelsea win so Arsenal can a good chance at the title :D