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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Non-Stop Rain in Southern California

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a better picture of the rain with my phone's nonexistent zoom, but that doesn't mean the rain is any less intense.

We had severe winds this morning, at roughly 30kph, with 100kph winds forecasted for the night - though I've seen no evidence of these winds that were reported via the emergency broadcast network, as their monotonous female computer voice so kindly interrupted my Law and Order marathon.

That being said, this area is not known for its rain. It is, however, known for having schizophrenic weather, as evidenced by the photo I posted of the sunny beach on Friday (it's now 22:45 on Sunday - 55.5 hours after that post).

Anyway, this weather has severely interrupted my nightly jog/walk, and I'm feeling a bit restless. One can only walk up and down the stairs so many times before those nicely carpeted steps lose their allure.

I hope everybody had a lovely weekend. I didn't, as I am sick once again. My immune system is really taking a beating as of late.


  1. I can hear the rain on my window here in San Diego. I guess I can't complain since it's sunny around 90% of the year...

  2. wow seems like some intense weather. why not just do some burpees? you don't have to move from one spot and after 50 of those suckers you'll be in a coma, trust me haha.

  3. It's God... the end of the days are near.

  4. Hahah, well keeps your life exciting, never know what weather you're gonna have d;

  5. Yeah, I hate it too when it rains everyday. :| annoying.

    Dunno if anyone will notice but there's a face in the tree.

  6. We are getting rain here, too, but it is melting the snow, so I can't complain too much.

  7. im a bit the same immune wise... too much blogging ;)

  8. I was sick in the weekend, so my weekend was crap :(